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Spray-Tanning, Full Body Waxing, Individualized Personal Skin Treatments, Specialized Bodywork & Massage private sessions *Sports Competitive, Injuries, Trama, Pre/Post pregnancy , Meditate & Detoxify "DeStress"   Caringwithin@yahoo.com 

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Nikki's clinical treatment is modified to meet your individual skin care needs.

Treatments begin with a skin consultation to discuss any concerns you may have and most important what improvemnts can be achieved.

At the completion of your facial I will recommend a personalized home care program to help you maintain a youthful healthy complexion.

The key to healthy, smooth skin is to maintain facial & body treatments on a regular basis, along with continued home care & a nutrition wellness regime.

The Retreat

Full Body Waxing for both Men & Women
For a successful waxing service there must be at least 3 full weeks of hair growth.
The use of Accutane and Retin A contraindicate waxing. Please wait 6 full months after completing your Accutane prescription and cease using your Retin A 10 days prior to waxing.
Products recommended to support your waxing service are "Finipil" and a body wash glove.

A flat hourly rate of $95 can be charged if you wish to include multiple waxing services. (not including Men Brazilian)


Eyebrows- $20     Lip or chin $15     Brows and Lip or chin $35    Brow, Lip and Chin $40    Underarms- $25     Chest or Back- $50+     Face (lip/chin/cheeks) $45      Full Face (incl. brows) $55       Nose (nostrils) $15   Ears $15       Feet or Hands $15      Stomach- $40    
Half Legs-$40       Full Legs- $60+       
Full leg with bikini $80       Bikini (non-Brazilian) $35+       Half Arms- $30        Full Arms- $40+       Extended Bikini- $45              

Brazilian Waxing Valentines Special

Brazilian for women- $50 to $75  (women $65 first visit, every 3 weeks after only $50)    

Men Brazilian $95 to $120 (Men $120 first visit, every 3 weeks after only $95)


FINIPIL is an amazing after hair removal treatment. It protects against ingrown hairs, kills 99.9% of germs, protects the empty hair follicle, shrinks pore size and has been proven to actually slow down hair growth.... which means you'll need hair removal treatments less frequently!!!!!

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